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Elena is one of the most talented photo artists today and forever, still young now, but already recognized, her style is already followed and copied by others.


Collage, photo-manipulation, photo-design are rather only the technical features of Elena's approach that allow her to create uncommon and often surrealistic worlds perceived by a spectator intuitively, on the emotional level. It is a special space that looks rather like a dream filled with reflections and allusions. A space where many things meant to be felt, not understood, where you come back again and again.


Elena Vizerskaya is a young (in her early thirties) Ukrainian photo artist. As Elena recalls, her passion to photography and collage creation began spontaneously back in the childhood and became the self-expression possibility and necessity as the way to say something that couldn't be said with words. Elena's works are sometimes compared with those of Dali and Magritte due to the complexity of artistic figures and a great number of perception layers, though it is definitely an original artistic language and absolutely unpredictable another reality.


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Elena Vizerskaya is a world renown photo artist, a wild soul with unbound imagination and ever changing style. Elena’s portraits are unique, surreal, unpredictable, a true art. It was exhibited in galleries and won awards. Elena says “I want what I see, and I see what does not exist…“ She lives in a metaphysical space and she allows us to peek inside that space. And her body of work is a diverse universe.

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Elena's art was used for magazine covers and illustrations, apparel prints and advertising campaigns.

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Among a few amazing awards Elena Vizerskaya is the GRAND PRIX winner of the largest photo-competition in the world TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT since 2016. Elena was awarded the statue "Victoria" and 4 Gold Medals in Linz, Austria as the best photo artist on the planet, joining TRIERENBERG HALL OF FAME.   

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See and read one (from 12/3/2018) of pretty new articles about Elena’s art, if you want:

USA Art News about Ethereal photo manipulations by Elena Vizerskaya 


Contact for Elena’s art: Eugene Efuni

1216 N Formosa Ave Ste 4, West Hollywood, CA 90046, USA


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