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Elena won a number of awards, confirming her as one of the best artists in the world. Here are some examples of her exhibitions and awards in the US, Europe, Asia and the world:


2011 - Snap! Orlando Gallery

Snap! Orlando is a leading Florida contemporary art organization with two galleries.

It was Elena's first exhibition in the US, and there in 2011 she was announced and celebrated as “Snap! Discovery of 2011” - de facto announced the best new artist in the world at that respectable gallery of the 2011.


PX3 is Europe's biggest and most prestigious photography competition and exhibition.

Elena's works won 1st place in the Fine Art Nudes Category, 2nd place in the Fine Art Category2nd place in the Fine Art Digitally Enhanced  Category and  3rd place in the Self Portrait Category.


TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT is by far the largest annual salon of art photography on the planet. In 2016 Elena won the GRAND PRIX of this largest photo-competition in the world and was awarded the statue "Victoria" as the competition's overall winner and 4 Gold Medals (in Self Portrait, Color Ecstasy, Nude sections and Special Best Experimental section of PSA (Photographic Society of America)) at a highly publicized and televised gala event in Linz, Austria - de facto announced one of the best photo artists on the planet. There Elene was entered in a Hall of Fame of that largest in the world art photo competition.                                                                             

1 ElenaVizerskaya 2story.jpg
2 ElenaVizerskaya 2story.jpg

2017 – One Eyeland

Elena won Silver Award in Conceptual Advertising category at One Eyeland, one of the largest international competitions in Asia and world, for her 3 artworks.

3 ElenaVizerskaya 2story.jpg

2017 – Elena was announced The Artist of the Year 2017 by the prestigious Highlands-Cashiers Chamber Music Festival, an annual series of music and visual arts events that takes place in Highlands, North Carolina and attracts artists, musicians and visitors from around the world.

4 ElenaVizerskaya 2story.jpg

2017 - One of Elena’s American exhibitions was during 2017 at the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts of the Emory University in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia. Her exhibition was opened with a great classic music concert by and with great William Ransom.

5 ElenaVizerskaya 2story.jpg
6 ElenaVizerskaya 2story.jpg

Currently Elena is developing a multi-media story series - quite a unique combination of art and greatest Hollywood.


Contact for Elena’s art: Eugene Efuni

1216 N Formosa Ave Ste 4, West Hollywood, CA 90046, USA


Welcome to ELENA VIZERSKAYA UNIVERSE. Her art shown in this website are examples of the way she sees people, other creatures and their worlds…

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